Plancha elektra 60 integrated in a stainless steel trolley.
Suggested price:
€1,499.30 €0.30
Power : 3 kW / 10236 BTU/h
Dimensions (H x W x D) cm : 105 x 164 x 66
Weight : 86.00 kgs
Input energy : 240V AC-50/60Hz
People capacity : 6/8
Plate : Cast enamelled plate
Usage : Indoor / Outdoor
Combo trolley with plancha Elektra 60 with protection lid in galvanised steel coated and staineless steel - 2 foldable shelves - 2 doors, 4 wheels - tea-towel bar
Count :2
Type :Radiant rectangular heating zone
Material :High efficiency insulation
Security :Residual heat light, thermostatic heat control
Tuning :From 80 to 360°C/ 680° F
Warranty :10 years
Material :Cast enamelled plate
Coating :Smooth multilayer enamel
Details :High anti-splash rims, channel for recovering juices
Warranty :Life time warranty
Material :Stainless steel 304L
Coating :Bright annealed
Color :Polished
Details :Double wall, 4 adjustable legs, stainless steel juice collector tray
Warranty :2 years
  • Cast iron plate

    The perfect cook top !

    Tough and durable, cast iron is the best material to retain heat, radiate it slowly and redistribute it evenly.
    Once your gas or electric plancha is up to temperature, its heat retention properties make it possible to turn the heat down to the lowest setting and reduce energy consumption.

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  • plancha-eno-fonte-emaillée-gaz-et-electrique-facile-à-nettoyer

    Enamelling, what ENO does best

    So easy to clean !

    ENO is the only plancha manufacturer with enamelling expertise. All our plates come with a lifetime warranty. The multi-layer enamelling process we use for our gas and electric plancha plates creates a sealed non-porous finish that’s smooth, non-scratch and easy to clean. Scrub it with a stainless steel scourer to make it look like new.

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  • Which type of casing should I choose?

    Steel or stainless steel ?

    As a world leader in marine cooking appliances, we have high requirements for the finish on both our steel and stainless steel planchas. All our casings are designed to withstand outdoor use. We recommend the marine-grade stainless steel for seaside use.

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  • High-performance burners

    Make cooking easy !

    The plate will preheat to 360°C/680°F quickly and safely, without warping.
    ENO chooses burners best adapted to each of its models. Enjoy precision cooking without losing any of the food’s flavour. Our plancha can cook anything!

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